Francis S. Guess

Francis was “Uncle Francis” for years. I learned so many pearls of knowledge from him like, ‘listen intently and talk less, you’ll learn where the bodies (projects/details/info) are buried’ and that it was always better to ‘beat ‘em up in the back room Perri, but be their friend and protect them in public.’

Sue Atkinson

Sue G. Atkinson fell in love with Public Relations when I was just getting started in the world. After teaching Latin and Math at John Overton High School, as well as serving at Nashville Public Television, Sue began a PR career that would span over 30 years.

dGC’s 2021 Leads Into a Fabulous Start to 2022

We’re proud of all our work, the challenges, successes and ongoing strategies, which includes opportunities where we’ve aided Renewal House with serving pregnant women, mothers and their children. We assisted KCI Technologies, AECOM (MNAA),Gresham Smith (GSP), WSP...

Smashin Crab After Dark

Smashin Crab After Dark

Smashin Crab After Dark By: Emma Vondra The homecoming game between Tennessee State University (TSU) and Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) brought some excitement beyond the field this year. Smashin’ Crab Hendersonville hosted a homecoming kickoff event with...