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    Putting Love First

       March 16th, 2023             Blog

    It’s wild to have the realization, as a team, that two whole months of 2023 have come and gone. We’re physically already into March, but for clients we’re already planning and developing work for May. So it’s no wonder that we’re just now having the chance to think about the “Month of Love.” February is […]

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    Gifted and Grateful: Our 2022 Gratitude Celebration!

       February 9th, 2023             Blog

    Last holiday season was filled with reasons to be thankful, and here at duGard Communications, we are keen on celebrating that fact. On November 12th, we celebrated our 9th anniversary by throwing a Gratitude Celebration to champion and thank the people who have helped duGard Communications get to where it is today. This event was […]

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    Meet Our Star Intern: Chanelle Long

       July 6th, 2016             Blog

    Coming into duGard Communications (dGC) has been a great experience for me. At first I just wanted to come in; get the work done and leave. Once I formed a relationship with the coworkers; I got to learn a lot more. I knew in the back of their minds they were thinking this 14-year-old girl […]

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    Public Relations Opened a Whole New World

       June 3rd, 2016             Blog

      Recently, we’ve been talking among the duGard Communications team about what we like most about the profession and even about the actual job.  A few answers immediately popped into my mind, like how duGard Communications (dGC) isn’t a one-dimensional firm.  We have expertise in multiple industries. As a result, my job deals with a variety […]

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