Reach more customers

We bring the right mix of experience to the table in order to help clients create new brand identities, navigate industry trends or changes, execute events or spark ideas in emerging markets. At dGC we treat your brand as if it is our very own, leveraging strategic campaigns to raise profiles and create respected thought leaders. Our strong relationships with key media, professionals and experts will be at your service.

PR & Strategic Communications

dGC partners with you to develop and implement strategies that communicate to defined audiences. We call this channel planning and communicating strategically for our clients.


  • Communications Strategy
  • Public/Media Relations
  • Media Pitching
  • Media Training
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Government Engagement
  • Internal Communications
  • E-Newsletters
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Reporting

Marketing & Branding

dGC works with you to plan your strategy, design and build your campaigns and then deliver through the most appropriate communication channels.


  • Marketing/Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Production
  • Advertising
  • Website Design

Business Development

At dGC, our focus is on building relationships, attracting new customers, opening new markets and growing your business.

dGC delivers solutions that best suit your business while empowering you to advance your mission. We provide an efficaciously planned and phased development process with consideration of the regulatory framework within which your product or service will operate. We also match products and services to market needs to minimize risks and allocate investment and resources wisely.


  • Growth Strategy
  • Procurement/Government Contracting
  • Advocacy/Relationship Building
  • Product/Service Development

Government Relations

dGC provides a number of services to address our clients’ needs as they navigate the complexities of local, state and federal government procurement to increase the probability of a successful bid. We take pride in our ability to support businesses around strategic opportunities that include diverse suppliers in competitive sourcing and procurement.


  • Procurement Enhancement
  • Supplier Diversity Support
  • Supplier Outreach and Engagement