Nashville Events for Juneteenth 2021

Nashville Events for Juneteenth 2021

By Danielle Bessey  Nashville, Tennessee -  Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States and represents a very monumental day in history. The Civil War ended on April 19, 1865 but it took until June 19, 1865 for the last slaves to be...

Renewal House Celebrates a Key Milestone with Successful Beam Signing Ceremony

Team dGC is proud to announce Renewal House’s Beam Signing Ceremony was a success. The event, hosted at the site of their future new facility, celebrated the nonprofit’s 25-year anniversary and thet program and attendees signing one of the building’s beams to honor and highlight the impact on the lives of women and children in the Middle Tennessee community. expanded impact the project brings.

Meet Fall Intern: Darrin M Woods Jr.

Team dGC is always on the hunt for fresh, unique minds. Young people are the cornerstone of this industry and the future leaders of the PR world. This Fall we're thrilled to host two interns, one of which is Darrin M Woods Jr. Meet Darrin M Woods Jr.: a Bahamian...