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    Your Potential Will Expire, Why Not Unlock It Now?

       March 15th, 2013             Blog

    I recently watched a TEDx presentation given by United States Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement Jim Shelton. Pointed out by a professional colleague (who won’t let us use the term mentor), it was important, meaningful and impactful to hear Mr. Shelton speak about the entire room being full of people who were once, “potential […]

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    Don’t Go To The Interview In Flip-Flops OR Sandals

       March 5th, 2013             Blog

    As the season warms, I am looking forward to regularly wearing open-toed pumps, sandals and on an off day, flip-flops.  I’m a firm believer in being fashion-forward.  But, whenever I see flip-flops, it reminds me of a young lady who wore them to an interview.  She was very well dressed, in a fashionable pants suit, […]

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