Don’t Go To The Interview In Flip-Flops OR Sandals

   March 5th, 2013             Blog

As the season warms, I am looking forward to regularly wearing open-toed pumps, sandals and on an off day, flip-flops.  I’m a firm believer in being fashion-forward.  But, whenever I see flip-flops, it reminds me of a young lady who wore them to an interview.  She was very well dressed, in a fashionable pants suit, with flip-flops. Now it might not have been a big deal, if she’d said, ‘I’ve had a wardrobe malfunction, this was all I had in my trunk’ or something like that…but when I asked the question, this young lady looked at me like the question was the problem.don't wear flip-flops to your interview

I lost focus the entire interview – which was much shorter than typical – because I was trying to rationalize why she’d worn those as her shoe option.

If you are seriously considering wearing flip-flops or sandals to an interview, PLEASE, think twice.  As cute as it may make your outfit, for an interview…even in a creative space/environment…it’s just not appropriate. We interview a lot of people…some for us, some for our clients and overwhelmingly, the response we continue to hear is that you should always leave flip-flops by the pool or in your gym bag.

Definitely be jazzy, but be smart about your interview attire!

dGC Team