Muhammed Ali Reminds Us To Reach & Realize Our Potential

   June 29th, 2016             Blog

A couple of years ago, we wrote a post about not letting your professional potential expire. We each learn as we go. We all have bumps and bruises in our professional career but there’s an ability to grow from these things. That how we feel about something now could change and that’s ‘ok.’ In fact it’s great. When a growth or challenge presents itself, we must maximize it or run the risk of completely missing out.
Muhammed Ali quote
We were reminded of this with the opportunity to celebrate the life of Muhammed Ali earlier this month. His words and work are profoundly important. We’re reminded that his growth is similar to that of anyone professionally wanting to make an impact, learn from a mistake, develop a new habit or create a new process. He challenged us to think, grow, develop and help others, give back and love hard. We’re saddened by this loss, but inspired to reach and realize our potential because of what he did.

dGC Team