Street Works Hosts Faith, Frappuccinos and Conversation

   January 3rd, 2022             Blog

Street Works Hosts Faith, Frappuccinos and Conversation

By: Emma Vondra

Throughout 2021 Street Works worked creatively to connect with the community that they serve. Their conversation panels were a staple for the organization and their messages were able to touch people all over the state of Tennessee. 

In August, the topic was Faith, Frappuccinos and Conversation: A Faith-Based Initiative to End the Stigma. This virtual panel was hosted around National Faith HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, which takes place annually in the month of August. 

This live discussion engaged the faith community to work together in support of HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment, and to reduce and eliminate the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS. On top of that, community members who attended were able to share their thoughts, experiences and ask questions. 

The duGard Communications team was able to help plan and promote this event in the weeks leading up to it and were also able to attend the event live to push content through on social media accounts.