Sue Atkinson

   November 12th, 2022             Blog

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The Beat Won’t Stop: Gratitude Ceremony

Sue Atkinson

Nashville’s premier PR executive.

Latin is the start of everything, especially a long PR relationship.

Sue G. Atkinson fell in love with Public Relations when I was just getting started in the world. After teaching Latin and Math at John Overton High School, as well as serving at Nashville Public Television, Sue began a PR career that would span over 30 years. I met her at HCA as a wide-eyed intern. I introduced myself to Sue by saying I was one year away from being an ‘alumnus’ of NCCU. She, quite pointedly, corrected me and said “Alumna, you will be an Alumna.”  I was absolutely mortified, embarrassed and disappointed. I wanted to crawl under the table. That was 1997.

Fast forward to 2001 and Sue’s company, Atkinson Public Relations, handled PR for TriStar Health System. Here was an opportunity to interact with this woman who loomed larger than life, in my eyes.  What I loved most about Sue was that she was always hard to hear, which meant you had to lean in to listen. In retrospect, I think that was a strategic move on her part. She also gave me the best marriage advice: 

“Perri, always remember it’s about three cups, not just pouring in to make one cup. You are always important as an individual and Anthony is too. There is the cup that represents the two of you, but do NOT forget your cup. Keep your cup full just as much.”

I’ve used that advice to give others, for years… Thank you Sue.